Ballet ~ Ballet is the basis and foundation of all forms of dance. It is a discipline that promotes proper body alignment, flexibility, grace and strength. Pointe classes are offered for students who are ready for pointe training. All ballet levels and pointe´ are determined by the instructor. Black leotard, tights, and leather or canvas ballet shoes are required, no slippers. Hair is worn in a bun.
Pointe´/Pre-Pointe´ ~ A classical presentation of ballet. A student must have 3 years of ballet training and the instructors’ approval. It is necessary to have ankle and core strength to decrease the chance of injury. A student must also be enrolled in one additional ballet classes and/or skills classes in order to work on Pointe´ in the Ballet/Pointe´ class. Black leotard, tights with pointe´ shoes or ballet slippers.
Jazz ~ Jazz is a dance form that incorporates technique and isolations along with stretches of the body. The steps and combinations are learned that help the student build on their dance foundation. Black leotard, tights, (shorts) and jazz or grecian shoes are worn. Hair must be pulled up and away from face.
Lyrical~ Lyrical incorporates both ballet and jazz styles along with emotional expression. The student will be introduced to ballet and jazz technique. Black leotard, tights and foot undies/turners are worn. Hair must be pulled up and away from face.
Leaps and Turns ~ Leaps and turns is a class for the more serious student who wants to work on their leaps, turns and dance technique. Black Leotard and turners. Hair must be pulled up and away from face.
Tap ~ Tap is a form of dance that uses syncopated rhythm and sound for expression in footwork. Classes start with basic tap skills and proceed to combinations that are put together in the dance. Black leotard, tights and tap shoes are worn. Hair must be pulled away from face.
Tumbling ~ Tumbling focuses on tumbling skills that can be used in other forms of dance. The class has a warm up time which works on flexibility, strength and balance. Black leotard and bare feet. Tights are not required. Hair must be pulled up and away from face.
Hip Hop ~ Hip Hop is a style of dance that doesn’t have the formal training of other forms of dance. A great way to get rhythm without formal training. Shirt and comfortable pants or shorts that do not restrict movement are worn, no jeans. Hair must be away from face.
Musical Theatre~ Musical Theatre allows the dancer to experience a Broadway show style of dance. The music used is from plays and the dances act out the story.
Predance ~ Predance is beginning dance for the 2 to 5 year old student. The class covers an introduction to ballet, tap and tumbling. Black or pink leotard, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (no slippers), and black tap shoes. Hair needs to be pulled away from their face.

​​Director: Emily Simpson

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